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If you are in need of effective and personalized legal representation, you have come to the right place. Backed by more than 200 years of legal experience, our team of legal professionals has helped clients successfully resolve their issues. Ranging from personal injuries to employment disputes to family law affairs to criminal defense and more, we can help you with whatever you need.

You may be intimidated or nervous if you are inexperienced with the legal system, but don’t worry! Our experienced attorneys in White Plains are here to proficiently guide you throughout every step of the legal process. If you ever have any questions or concerns, we are here for you. On this page, we’ve provided answers to several of the most frequently asked questions that we receive. If you do not find the question or answer you had in mind, feel free to contact us today and schedule a completely free consultation!

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  • Am I Required to Speak to the Police after I’ve Been Arrested?

    Absolutely not. While it is recommended that you do what they say, you should not say anything to law enforcement officers until after you have spoken with your criminal defense attorney in White Plains. You right to remain silent is protected by the United States Constitution and you do not have to say a word throughout the entire process. Anything you tell the police could be used against you in court, thereby jeopardizing your chances at achieving a successful outcome and threatening your ability to remain free. Don’t say anything; just call La Pietra & Krieger.

  • How Much is My Injury Claim Worth?

    Oftentimes, when people initially file a personal injury claim, the first thing they want to know is its dollar value. Unfortunately, there is no range or specific number we can provide to you without you first giving us with the details of your case. These cases are usually complex, very different from one another, and are greatly affected by the details of the case. Our White Plains personal injury lawyers have extensive legal experience and we will be able to meticulously analyze all aspects of your case and help give you a better idea of your claim’s potential value.

  • How Long Will My Case Take?

    The length of your personal injury case will be dependent upon any number of factors. This may include the severity of your injuries, cooperation of the defendant and their insurance providers, and cooperation of your doctor and other related professionals. For the most part, legal proceedings can take anywhere from a few months to a few years. At La Pietra & Krieger, we do everything in our power to try and resolve cases within a one-year span.

  • I am Getting a Divorce. Do I Need an Attorney?

    While you are not legally required to have a lawyer for a divorce, it is highly recommended that you do. An experienced family law attorney will be able to help protect your rights, assets, and your children in case your spouse decides he/she wants them. Also, there can be many lengthy hearings, an abundance of complex paperwork, and laborious procedures associated with a divorce. You will want a lawyer who knows what they are doing so that your divorce can be finalized in a timely and professional manner. A family lawyer in White Plains will handle all matters involving relocation, alimony, child visitation and custody, and marital property.

  • I’ve Been Charged with Minor Criminal Charges. Do I Need an Attorney?

    Many people are under the mistaken belief that a minor criminal charge such as misdemeanor vandalism or trespassing won’t have a lasting effect on their life or future. This is incorrect. A criminal conviction, regardless of how insignificant it may seem to you, could remain on your record permanently. This may negatively affect your ability to find a job, take out loans, find housing, or even drive a car. You need strong and aggressive legal representation to fight all charges levied against you so you can have your rights and freedom protected. Contact La Pietra & Krieger for experienced and proficient legal services.

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